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Redemption Treats

Large Dog Box (40+lbs)

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Our large chew box is suitable for dogs 40+ lbs. This box comes with 8-12 rotating premium chews. Most chews in the large box will be around 12” and 6". The chews include animal parts like trachea, tendons, bully sticks, scapula, tripe twists, and more! For proteins, we choose between beef, pig, chicken, venison, lamb, beaver kangaroo, camel, and rabbit for all chews.

In the sample box from the photo the box contains:

  • 12" Thick Beef Bully Stick
  • 12" Braided Beef Gullet
  • 12" Bison Trachea Canoe
  • 12" Braided Beef Bully
  • Tow Pig Snouts
  • Two 12" Flat Beef Gullets
  • 6-9" Beef Tendon Liver Lick
  • Two 6" Beef Backstraps

Please note this box is for example only, this may not be the box you receive upon ordering. Our boxes rotate monthly with new and exciting chews. We will avoid the proteins your dog is allergic to if you specified those allergies in the form. We also alter the chews for the strength of your dog's chew level i.e., soft, average, aggressive.

This is a subscription purchase. You can pause, resume, or cancel anytime.