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Wiener Dogs (Dachshunds) and Great Danes: What I’ve Learned

Wiener Dogs (Dachshunds) and Great Danes: What I’ve Learned

I’ve always found it amazing how diverse dogs are. It astounds me that, despite their huge variability, all domestic dogs are a part of the same species! This realization sneaks up on me sometimes when I’m looking at my dogs – Koa, Emmie and Zoey, who are all wiener dogs, and my Great Dane, Ursula. Being the owner of these two very different dog breeds, I’ve come to learn that the dramatic differences between them go beyond their physical characteristics. They have such unique personalities as well, which my family has completely fallen in love with. Here are the key things I’ve learned about my wiener dogs and my Great Dane.

Each of my wiener dogs has such a personality, and each of their personalities is unique not only from other dogs’ but also from each other’s. Because of that, it’s been so interesting for us to get to know each one of them individually. All of my wiener dogs are quite clever, which has both positive and negative sides to it. For example, they NEVER forget things. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to never treat them poorly or taunt them, because if you do, you can bet that they’ll remember and resent you until the day they die. They tend to get bored easily and can get annoying at times, particularly when they get all barky and stubborn. Though they are all quite unpredictable, they will love you no matter what. In fact, I heard from somewhere that wiener dogs choose two people in their lives as their primary favourite people and then two more as their secondary favourites, whereas everyone else means nothing to them. It feels good to be chosen by your dog; you know they love you and will love you unconditionally.

My Great Dane, Ursula, has taught me much and more about this particular breed. Great Danes are the craziest goofs—they’re so big and clumsy, yet so cuddly and playful. They are big dogs just bursting with love — “gentle giants,” because as big as they are, they are also the sweetest, kindest, and most gentle dogs you’ll ever know. When she wants pets and attention, she’ll come and nudge my hand with her head, which I just think is the cutest thing ever. As they get older, Great Danes are super lazy and like to lie around all day, so they make for great apartment dogs. Ursula is five, and if I didn’t force her off the couch, she’d probably never get off it. Nonetheless, when I take her off-leash, she zooms around until she’s out of breath, running 10 times faster than I ever could. We rescued her when she was already 4 years old, but she seems to learn quickly and adjust to new living conditions relatively well.

Overall, wiener dogs and Great Danes are more dissimilar than they are alike. Despite that, I’ve fallen in love with both of these breeds and all of the quirks and traits that they bring to our family. If you’re looking to get a dog, I hope my experiences help you make the right choice because with all of the variability among different breeds, making a decision is no easy task. One thing’s for certain though: no matter what breed you choose, discovering your dog’s unique personality will be a journey that you’ll be sure to learn from and come to love.